The Vita has some quality titles somewhere in the pipeline, but right now it doesn’t have a whole lot. The release schedule for the console has been pretty spotty – a good launch line-up, then nothing, then a couple AAA titles like Gravity Rush or Resistance: Burning Skies and then, once again, a whole lot of nothing.

The PS Vita has a lot of potential, but right now it’s not getting its due. Here are five PS3 franchises I think the Vita could handle pretty well.

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers for the evil ending of inFamous 2. But if you haven’t already played that game by now, shame on you.

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The House of the Dead is arguably one of the most popular arcade series out there, but in 1999 Sega took The House of the Dead 2 and made it even more awesome. The Typing of the Dead is basically the same game as HOTD2, but you don’t shoot zombies with your guns; you shoot them with your words.

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Resistance is a series I’ve always had a soft spot for, but it’s never really stood out too much. Other than its use of unique and awesome weapons, Resistance has always seemed to be playing catch-up with other first-person shooters on the market,  feeling like a mash-up of Halo and Call of Duty.

The series has seen a lot of changes over the years, but Resistance 2 – released in 2008 – featured probably the most fun and unique game mode to be seen within the series; eight player co-op.

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Let’s be honest, because of all the leaks and stuff in recent years, E3 has usually been pretty sucky – a massive amount of games and secret reveals are leaked ahead of schedule for whatever reason, meaning those shock announcements at E3 sometimes fall flat.

E3 2012 was no different – apart from the odd surprise, we basically knew everything already. Who won E3 this year? Probably not Microsoft or Nintendo, I’ll be honest.
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Nintendo just held a pre-E3 briefing in which they hoped to inform us all about the Wii U and its ‘uniqueness’.

Many viewers gathered around their personal computers and mobile devices to witness what Nintendo had to deliver, and they delivered… well, very little, actually. So the Wii U is a console, right? And there’s, like, a tablet? And a controller? And another controller that looks just like an Xbox 360 pad but isn’t one?

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When people talk about ‘Red Dead Redemption’ they often focus on its stellar, story-driven single player. Of course, John Marston’s story is an incredible example of a classic and memorable western tale so this is to be expected, but ‘Red Dead’ offers a vast array of immensely enjoyable multiplayer modes as well. Its multiplayer seems to have been overlooked, however, and I don’t really see why.

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